Bretonnian Teams in Blood Bowl

This Bretonnian team was developed in the MBBL - which was the number one playtest ground for the LRB5 edition of Blood Bowl. It comes highly recommended. You can read more about the team here:

In the fair land of Bretonnia arrogant Bretonnian nobles and their most valued yeomen form Blood Bowl teams in order to quest for that coveted grail known as the Bloodweiser trophy. All too convinced of their own skill, the young knights fill out their teams with lineman levy, drafted from the many local and remarkably incompetent all-peasant teams.

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Normal Double
0-16  Linemen 40,000 6 3 2 7  Fend G ASP
0-4  Yeomen 70,000 6 3 3 8  Wrestle GS AP
0-4  Blitzers 120,000 8 3 3 8  Block, Catch, Dauntless GS AP
0-8 Re-roll counters: 60,000 gold pieces each.
Star players available for inducement: Jean Baptiste du Fer, Jules Arnoud, Mighty Zug, Morg 'n' Thorg, Willow Rosebark,
     Zara the Slayer